Man Shares His Netflix Password With Boss & Here’s What Happens Next

Sharing your Netflix password with friends, family, and colleagues has become a widespread phenomenon. Especially with the ongoing lockdown, most of the people are spending their waking time watching shows on Netflix.

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Well, here’s a hilarious story of what happened to a man’s Netflix account when he shared his password with his boss. Marcus D. Luffy posted a picture on his Twitter account on May 8 with a caption that read, “I gave my boss my Netflix password so he could watch Tiger King and this man has lost his mind. His kids added their own profiles and he changed my profile to ours. Nah, fam”.

Along with his tweet, he also shared a picture that has Netflix’s login window on it with multiple profiles on the screen. The tweet has since garnered over 47,700 retweets and almost 3.8 lakh likes.

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Here is a text exchange between him and his boss Kevin about the whole ordeal.

To make it clear to his boss, Luffy changed his profile name to ‘King Marcus’. “Just so we’re clear, I did immediately correct it,” he tweeted while sharing a screenshot of the update.

Later, Luffy clarified that it was a prank by his boss, who is like “family to him”.

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“Last thing, I’ve worked there for 7 years and these people literally treat me like family. They give me money whenever I need it, invite me over for holidays, always look out for me, etc. Lmfao I love them. My boss just changed my profile to mess with me because we always prank each other,” he tweeted.

So, what are your thoughts on this Netflix based prank? Let us know in the comments section below.

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